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We book travel to any location and in any way you can think of! Take the stress out of searching and let us do it for you. We find the best deals, dates & destinations for you and your travel companions whether they be friends, coworkers, significant others or children! Whether you're traveling for fun or for business, for relaxation or for the whole family we can book it all!! Check out some of the accommodations we book below and send us a quote through our "Request A Quote" page or send us a message through our "Contact Us" page above!!!

Our Most Popular Tours!

Skip the Line: Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill Guided Tour

All Inclusive Ultimate Circle Island Day Tour with Lunch and Waimea Waterfall 

Paxoi, Antipaxoi and Blue Caves Cruise from Corfu

Our Most Popular Destinations At Home!

Dallas, Texas

Orlando, Florida

New York city, ny

Las Vegas, Nevada

New Orleans, Louisiana

Los Angeles, California

Wherever you're from and wherever you'd like to go, we've got something for everyone! If there's a city you always wanted to travel and see the cites, we've got just about every one we can place on your travel itinerary. From plays to shows, festivals, historical landmarks, the mix of culture and the arts, and much, much more; the home of the brave and land of the free has it all! Let us take that hassle of booking a trip to these great cities of the United States and you can just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Our Most Popular European Destinations!

Madrid, Spain

Rome, Italy

Paris, france

London, England

Berlin, Germany

Reykjavik, Iceland

Same goes for the great cities of Europe! Popular and historical gems, these old timeless locations put an awe inspiring smile on the faces of the many who visit them. The cities presented above may be a good many but there's many more awaiting your arrival with such attractions as the Eiffel Tower of France, The Colosseum of Italy, or the great London Bridge of Britian, with special guided tours we can book for more convenience, these destinations are must see cities and countries for anyone looking for a great international adventure! 

Why Choose Maximus Travels?

Travel Arrangement

We'll handle all of your travel requirements from choosing your flights, rental cars you may need, hotel & resort stays, concert tickets, theme park tickets, cruises and so much more!

Cheaper Flights

With our travel agent discounts and specialty rates, we'll be able to choose cheaper flights for you that normally would be much morse expensive booking directly through the airlines.

Hand-Picked Tours

Our specialties also include professional tours in and around the countries of the European Union, Asia, South America, the Carribean and Hawaii! 

Special Activities

Whether you're looking for the vastness of adventure tours & exploration or a simple relaxing spa filled vacation away, we can ensure that we'll book you in the locations you'd like with plenty of activities to engage in.

Price Guarantees

When booking with our professionals on the spot, or when receiving your quote, you can be sure that no hidden taxes or fees will crop up as they do with many other organizations. When creating your quote, we provide the total charge with all of your accommodations you are booking with us, 100% present and accounted for.